2018 Winter and Spring Educational Opportunities

Save February 7th-9th, 2018 for the 73rd Annual Montana Water Well Drillers Association (MWWDA) Convention and Trade Show! The MWWDA is an organization that “promotes, protects, and supports the interests of the water well industry to provide Montanans access to a safe and reliable water supply.”1 Attend the educational seminars during the annual convention and trade show to learn how to make your drilling procedures and business safer and better.

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White Marking in Winter

Planning an excavation project this winter? One important step that you should take before contacting Montana 811 is to white line your proposed excavation area. Montana Code Annotated Section 69-4-503 2(a) states: “Adequate information must allow the person completing the locate to determine the area where the proposed excavation will occur. The information may include but is not limited to marking the path of the proposed excavation with white paint, marking the path of the proposed excavation with white flagging, or other clear marking that allows a person to determine the path of the proposed excavation.”1 Doing so narrows the scope of the excavation area for location purposes.

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