Online Ticket Submission – ITIC Lite for Homeowners and DIYers

Welcome to ITIC Lite, a real-time interactive tool that allows you to enter your locate requests and updates live with the Call Center. This free service is available for homeowners and DIYers that have a known and findable address.

To submit a ticket online, click the green button below. Please review the terms and conditions, then fill in your email address and click the “I certify the above are all true” button. You will receive an email with instructions and a link to enter more information. After you enter the additional information, submit the form.

You will receive a final email that contains a copy of your ticket with your ticket number and the list of utilities that will be notified. Be sure to hang on to the ticket number in case you have any further questions.

The Call Center will contact you with additional information and the locate ticket information. There is no charge for this service.

Note: Emergency Locate Requests Cannot Be Submitted Online

Submit an Online Locate Request

If after receiving a copy of your ticket and something is incorrect, please contact the Call Center at 811 ASAP to have it corrected.

CAUTION! – Private Underground Facilities May Not Be Located through the Montana811 System

What are private underground facilities?